Feed-forward loops (FFLs) have been shown to be one of the most common and important classes of transcriptional network motifs that involved in various diseases such cancer. It enclosed in a three-node pattern, which is composed of an input element regulating another element and a jointly regulated target gene.

Enhancers are cis-regulatory elements that positively regulate protein-coding gene or microRNA by recruiting DNA-binding transcription factors (TFs).

EnhFFL is an online database to provide a data resource to browse and search typical enhancer and super-enhancer FFLs. It covers three types of FFLs, namely TF-enhancer-miRNA FFLs, enhancer-miRNA-gene FFLs, TF-enhancer-gene FFLs in 91 tissues/cell lines (in human and mouse). Additionally, TF-enhancer feed-back loops (FBLs) are also included.

Statistics for Loops in Human and Mouse