Hello, I'm Zhiyun Guo, Ph.D

Research Directions:

·Deep Learning and Database Development

·Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology

·Complex disease regulatory mechanisms such as tumors

·High-throughput sequencing-based precision medicine and health big data mining

Laboratory Members:

Tengwei Zhong    Houyan Liu    Wenqing Wang     Yupeng Liu

Jingyuan Zhang    Yuguo Li    Tianyu Ma     Junnuo Zheng

Xinyu Zhao    Maoling Zeng    Yiting He     Weijie Cheng     Jiawei Cheng

Databases available in the lab

eccDNA Atlas

A comprehensive data portal of ecDNA/eccDNA for health and diseases across multiple species.


A database provides information about enhancers, eRNAs and interaction maps of enhancer, TF and gene.


A database to provide a data resource to browse and search typical enhancer and super-enhancer FFLs.


Information about tissue-specific miRNA and interaction maps of tissue-specific miRNA, TF and gene.


Manually Curated Database of experimentally Validated Regulations Between Transcription Factors and Cancers.


A resource of transcriptional regulation in the context of enhancers, as cis-regulatory elements to control transcriptional regulation

Contact our laboratory

Affiliation: School of Life Sciences and Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu 610000, China

Email: zhiyunguo@swjtu.edu.cn

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By: swjtu/3 June, 2021

Bioinformatics, the top journal in the field of bioinformatics (IF=6.937)

TFcancer: a manually curated database of transcription factors associated with human cancer.

By: LCBB/24 Jan, 2019

DATABASE, the journal of biological Databases and Curation. (IF=4.462)

EnhancerDB: a resource of transcriptional regulation in the context of enhancers.

By: swjtu/7 August, 2014

Scientific Reports, a subjournal of Nature (IF=5.078)

Genome-wide survey of tissue-specific microRNA and transcription factor regulatory networks in 12 tissues.