1.eccDNA Atlas v1.0 workflow

2. How to use the eccDNA Atlas?

2.1 Browse

2.1.1 Browse by ecDNA

2.1.2 Browse by eccDNA

If you click Homo sapiens, the following is the browsing interface of its organ

2.2.1 Search by disease and validation strategies

2.2.2 Search by tissue/cell line

2.2.3 Search by genomic region

2.2.4 Search by oncogene/lncRNA

2.3 Anlysis

2.4 Genome-Browser

Users can select the existing ecDNA region in the database for genome browsing, or enter the ecDNA region they want to browse in the genome browsing interface. Through useful tracks, users can get information about all types of gene annotated in the ecDNA region.

2.5 Download

The 'Download' page exhibits 'ecDNA data(collected and predicted)','eccDNA data','enhancer data','super enhancer data' for users to download. Moreover, the detailed description of data is also displayed.

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